Feb 19

10 Reasons You Don’t Need a Boyfriend in High School

In today’s culture boys and girls seem to be pressured from every angle to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, to hook up and to hurry up and have adult experiences and experiment while they’re young. Everything from MTV to prime time cable television seems to be urging teens to grow up and to hurry and do things …

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Jul 01

The Tuesday Trade – Chris Lawson | Lights of Day

Chris Lawson is just a pastor from central Ohio, according to his website. However, this “just a pastor” has managed to blend the sounds of pop to create some beautiful melodies along with the powerful message of the Gospel. Available on Noisetrade right now are three of his songs titled, “Heaven Come”, “Give You All” and …

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Jun 24

The Tuesday Trade – Waken

It’s not too often that we think about synthpop and electronica music being used as worship music. You see it some with David Crowder’s music and others have attempted it, but I don’t think any have been as successful with it as Waken. If you’re a fan of synthpop or electronica music, you’ll definitely love …

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Jan 14

The Tuesday Trade – Housefires

So how does a band with barely 140 likes on Facebook have the top downloaded album on Noistrade.com? With great music. Housefires states their album has been downloaded in more than 40 countries while being at the top of the download list on Noistrade.com. Click the image above to visit the band’s Noisetrade page to …

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Jan 07

The Tuesday Trade – S’ambrosia

This is my attempt at something new: The Tuesday Trade. Simply put, The Tuesday Trade is intended to highlight independent artists making great music. That’s it. The trade comes from where we’re sharing these artists from: Noisetrade.com. Check out any artist on this website and download their work for free. But don’t be stingy. If …

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Oct 06

Music, Missions and Gardening

Stemming from work I did with my dad growing up and the small garden he and I maintained, I’ve decided that all that work wasn’t such a bad thing and I actually enjoyed it after all. So, a few years ago I decided to start up my own garden. The first couple of years, though, …

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Oct 06

An Update

Hello, RockCriesOut fans!! I hope everyone is doing well. This update is really more of an apology. I feel like I make a lot of those these days with my fans. Probably because I do. I’m sorry that the site has not been very active lately. I’ve had to push back several articles and interviews …

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Jun 19

Songwriting Contest by DeoSound

DeoSound Announces Third Annual Songwriting Compeition   DeoSound is pleased to announce their 2013 Songwriting Competition! Enter for a chance to win $1000 and an entry to the Songwriter’s Boot Camp at the Christian Musician Summit valued at $200. Past winners of the competition have included Caroline VanHalteren, Sean Evans and Jude Fernandez. Open to …

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Jun 16

Weekly Ten – June 16

This week the Weekly Ten features music from the following artists and bands including a little Christmas in June: 3 Groovin’ Kings – Derek Close Sleep It Off – Blood and Water Masters Of The Flattery – Sons Orion – Ghost Ship Glorious – SuperNova Remnant Inception – Red Angel Theory Firestorm – Etchmark While …

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Jun 13

Super Heroes

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a geek and a nerd. And no quintessential nerd is complete without a few super heroes in their life, for instance Spider-Man, Batman and Luke Skywalker. While the occasional super hero is all well and good on the pages of a comic book or movie screen, I think …

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