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An Interview with Save The Empty

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Today, Randall Latham brings our readers an interview with an Indie band that’s had the opportunity to grace the stage at places like The House of Blues in Dallas, Texas and Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. Read on to learn a bit about the boys from Save The Empty and what they have in store for fans in the near future!


RockCriesOut.com: Hey, guys, thanks for taking time today to answer some questions for everyone. Why don’t you take a moment to tell us a bit about Save the Empty and a bit about yourselves individually?

Save the Empty:  We are a Christian Pop/Alt band from Duncan, Oklahoma. We have a very high energy sound but not too aggressive. It’s really hard to put us in just one genre. We feel that we’ve developed a sound all our own. I know a lot of bands say that but we think that we’ve accomplished it.

Kevin Wilkerson: I’m just your normal guy that gets to do something that I never dreamed of doing. I’ve been playing music for about 10 years and I play acoustic and electric guitar, and I am the lead vocal for Save the Empty. I’ve been married to the love of my life Crystal for 4 years now and we are anticipating our first child in October.Save The Empty - Band

Camron Busby: I am the bass player for Save the Empty and I’ve been playing for around 10 years. I love to fish and pretty much anything that has to do with outdoors. I have been married to my wife Millie for almost a year.

Chris Davoult: I play drums for Save the Empty and I have been playing drums for around 20 years. I play with an OCP drum kit and I’ve been in Save the Empty for 2 years.

Brent McReynolds: I’m the lead guitarist and background vocals for Save the Empty. I’ve been playing guitar for around 25 years. I have been with Save the Empty for 3 years. I’ve been married for 13 years to my beautiful wife Lynette and I have a 5 year old son Luke.

RCO: Your Facebook page says that you joined in January of 2010. Were you guys performing together before then?

STE: Actually, Save the Empty was started around that time, but it hasn’t always been what it is today. Kevin and Camron actually started Save the Empty as the youth worship band in their church at First Baptist Church in Waurika, Oklahoma. As they were leading worship, they began writing original material that was more on the alternative side. After being a worship band for a year, Brent McReynolds joined the band as lead guitarist and that was when we really started pushing our own music and over a period of time we developed our own sound. Chris was not our original drummer; we actually went through quite a few drummers in a 2 year period, but then we lucked out to get Chris and the rest is history.

RCO: What’s your biggest influence when writing and creating your music?

STE: We all have different bands that we look up to, so you’re obviously gonna be influenced a little by what you’re listening to. Usually we try to write music that is gonna relate to our audience and music that we would want to listen to ourselves. We have a very crossover sound but if you listen to our lyrics you can without a doubt hear God’s voice in our music.

RCO: If you could tour with one band, who would you tour with and why?

STE: Like I said, we all have so many different influences? lol. Brent and Chris are ex metal heads, so I’m sure it would be someone like Pantara or Alice in Chains. Kevin is all about the pop/punk bands, so someone like Relient K would be a dream come true. Camron is a young man with an old soul, but he is a huge Jonny Cash fan.

RCO: You guys hail from Duncan, Oklahoma, correct? What’s been the furthest you traveled for a show?

STE: We travel to the Dallas (Texas) area quite a bit and Oklahoma City. We will be playing in Harelton, Texas on August 31st. It’s by the Louisiana/Texas border. So that will be the furthest for sure.

RCO: What’s been the most memorable concert you’ve played in?

STE: For sure The House of Blues in Dallas! It was really neat to just be in such a well-known venue. Playing at Six Flags Over Texas was pretty memorable, as well. The very first battle of the bands stands out as probably the most cherished show we’ve played because it was Chris’s first show with us and we ended up winning against a bunch of really talented bands.

RCO: When you’re not praising God through song, what do you guys do in your spare time?

STE: We all have different hobbies that we enjoy doing. Just hanging out with friends and family. We spend a lot of time writing new music. We’ve actually already started writing for a third album. lol.

RCO: Now, you guys just released your sophomore album titled “You’re Welcome”. Tell us more about this new project and what did you learn about yourself while working on it?

Save The Empty You're WelcomeSTE: “You’re Welcome” is something we are super proud of! We recorded the album on our own and were able to make an album that we feel is a true rock album. Our first album “No Thanks” we recorded in a professional studio and it just didn’t do our sound justice. Our music is very lead guitar driven and we wanted to make sure that came across on “You’re Welcome”. As far as what we learned about ourselves is that we are more capable of writing great music than we gave ourselves credit for. We learned to take our time and trust God to lead us in the direction He wanted the album to go. I’m glad we did.

RCO: What one message do you want listeners to take away from “You’re Welcome”?

STE: That God is just so Awesome in so many ways. All the songs on “You’re Welcome” are Bible based, but if I had to put a theme on the album I would have to say “Hope”. Most of the songs are just songs of how God is always there for us and He has always loved us before we even knew Him.

RCO: What else do you want our readers to know about Save the Empty?

STE: We are just a hard working Christian band that has a story to tell. We love what we do and we love God. We know God had a plan for this band and we are excited to just be along for the ride. People get ready, because Save the Empty is coming!!!

RCO: And we’re definitely read for you. Congratulations on the release of “You’re Welcome” and we’ll be waiting impatiently for your next project! Now, as fellow Oklahomans, I have to ask: OU or OSU?

STE: That’s a loaded question sir! Let’s just say the band has 4 members and it’s 3-1 on that question. lol That’s the kind of question that could end a band……..


We want to thank Save The Empty for taking the time away from family and busy schedules to answer a few questions for us. You can follow the band on Facebook (click here) or their website (click here) and you can also purchase their music from several retailers including iTunes and Google Play. And you can always listen to them at Spotify.


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