Apr 23

New Album from “This City Awaits”

Every so often you have a band come around that doesn’t just release a stellar debut album, but also puts out a grand slam sophomore album. This City Awaits is one of those bands. Hitting markets on April 23, TCA’s album, “…said the liar”, delivers their iconic sound with a bit harder edge.

“…said the liar” begins much like a letter with “Nathan”. As the first song, this track makes a strong showing for the album. With strong riffs and lyrics you find singing throughout the day, “Nathan” is reminiscent of the sound on TCA’s debut album with undertones of the harder edge the overall album displays. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to this song, check out their music video for this track:

As the letter unfolds, the album moves from “Nathan” through “This Darkness” and “Hold Still”, both great tracks that hold their own. The almost ballad-like “Yet There Is Life” bats cleanup on this album and hits a major grand slam, with powerful, thought-provoking lyrics.

The remaining album continues with great songs like “dead and gone” and “White Ambulance”, which is one of the strongest songs on the entire album. The letter continues through its closing statement in “Salutation”, an acoustic song showing the overall talent of TCA showing they can not only melt face and rock hard, but can also bring tears to your eyes amazing vocals and talented instruments. “Salutation” has quickly become one of my favorite songs on “…said the liar” with lyrics that hit you right in the feels and makes me hope for a possible acoustic album from TCA cdcover3in the future. The song begins on an almost playful note, but then lends itself to a heartfelt closing to a dear friend. If you don’t get a bit misty eyed when hearing this song, you might want to get your tear ducts checked.

In all, fans and new listeners to This City Awaits will find “…said the liar” to be an enjoyable experience they’ll want to repeat again and again. Listeners will find themselves humming or singing multiple songs from this album and find themselves turning to this album to jam out to in their car. It’s an album every person should have in their collection.

Well done, This City Awaits. Well done.


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For more information about This City Awaits check out their Facebook page or catch them on their website at http://www.thiscityawaits.com