Mar 04

New Video from NEELY!

NEELY recently released a new video of epic proportions. Featuring their song “Everything I Am”, which has made recent appearances on national Christian radio station, Air1, the husband and wife duo hit a grand slam with powerful lyrics and professional quality video production. For those that think independent artists can’t produce quality music or videos, this video will change their minds.

The video portrays a young school girl being heckled and bullied by other female students in her school, while lyrics contrast how the world views many people as worthless, but God sees us each as precious and unique creations. Subtle visuals are used, such as signs in the heckled girl’s locker stating “LOVE” and “BE YOURSELF”, to reinforce the lyrical message that God loves us and created us as special, unique individuals. This video is especially powerful and relevant, particularly to teens today, given the recent coverage of bullying in media.


NEELY features rock duo Jeremy and Kaci Neely. The band is from Nashville, TN and has been compared to other artists such as Daughtry and Lifehouse. NEELY is currently on tour. Be sure to check out their “Tour Log” on their Facebook page and check out their website at www.neelymusic.com