May 06

Presenting the RockCriesOut Weekly 10

Ever wanted to hear some of the best up and coming music but didn’t want to filter through dozens and hundreds of songs? Allow us to help you with that. Presenting the RockCriesOut Weekly 10 playlist on Spotify. This playlist features ten songs from artists that we follow that we think you will absolutely love.

Don’t have Spotify? It’s easy to sign up. Just visit www.spotify.com and sign up for an account. It’s also free to listen to songs on your computer. After you sign up, be sure to “Follow” the playlist to be notified when we add new songs to the mix.

Let us know what you think of this week’s 10!

This week’s playlist features the following:

  1. For the Life of Me – Eowyn
  2. Everything I Am – NEELY
  3. Narrow Path – Scripture11
  4. The Addiction – This City Awaits
  5. Burn the Diary – Unveiled
  6. All In – All We Are
  7. Let’s Go – Bishop Ridge
  8. Promise Land – Chaotic Resemblance
  9. Into The Unknown – Consider Us Rescued
  10. Grace – Least of These




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