Aug 21

Small Case of Nostalgia

So, I’m sitting in the lobby of the court house waiting on copies to be made for me, which I find myself doing from time to time in my day job, and thinking of how much I’m enjoying this Fall-like weather we’ve received here in Oklahoma. Unseasonable for mid August in Oklahoma, the high of 88 degrees with a light breeze has me looking forward to the coming Autumnal months which happens to be my favorite time of year. Fall not only brings about cooler temperatures, but it also brings with it the beautiful color changes of our foliage best seen on Cavanal Hill, which my home sits at the base of, or in the Ouachita National Forest not far from where I live.

Another thing Fall brings about in me personally is a small bit of nostalgia. Back before I moved away to college and then started a family of my own, my family always seemed to get a bit more active in the fall. We would begin to harvest and preserve the last of our garden fruits and vegetables and my dad and I would attempt to cram in as many days fishing as we could while the weather was nice and before the many hunting and trapping seasons opened, which we both pursued avidly.

But as more and more leaves begin to fall, family life isn’t the only thing I find myself reminiscing about. Odd things like record players, old trucks I would blare music from and bands no longer around also fill my thoughts.

While I’m not near old enough to have owned a record player when it was cool to own one, something still grabs me when that needle touches the vinyl. Growing up, mom and dad always kept a record player in the house and we would occasionally listen to a few albums from their modest collection of records. Even today, I own a record player and a few albums I slip on the turn table from time to time. Something about that “gritty” sound is timeless to me. Even though I know fully well that it is nothing more than static being produced, it’s still pretty darn cool.

I also remember all the music I used to blast through my first truck stereo, pushing those factory speakers up to, and even past, their limits. That old ’92 Chevy Cheyenne saw a ton of music go through it in the time I owned it. In fact, you could say that truck and stereo system really introduced me to Christian Rock and Alternative music. I remember being tired of the local music station where I lived and was station searching for something new on my way to school one morning. It was then that my radio landed on a station playing Audio Adrenaline’s “Big House”. That station was 89.7 Power FM out of Dallas, TX and it still fills out a slot in my presets even more than a decade later.

Speaking of Audio A, that brings up another thing I reminisce about in the fall: bands that are no more. Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk, Bleach, Small Town Poets, Stryper, Bride and many more all begin flooding back to me during these upcoming Fall months. Glad they produced what they did, but sad the bands didn’t put out more. I am happy to see many of the guys and gals from these, and many more, great bands move on to do even greater things for Christ, but one thing they will always be known for is the legacy they left in music.

There are other bits of nostalgia I get from time to time, but these are the main ones. It seems music helps play a big part in those fond memories, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if it provides the soundtrack for your life. You might not even particularly like a song, but that song could play a huge roll in the recollection of thoughts. While it’s nice to think back on fond memories, it’s never a good idea to stay there forever, and so onward we look, hoping to make even fonder, grander memories. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll have a soundtrack, too.

So, what things do you find yourself enjoying a small bit of nostalgia over? Does the Fall do this to you, too? Let me know by leaving a comment below or the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RockCriesOut.

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