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Aug 27

Monday Cry Out – Making the Grade

I had a friend in college that received an assignment from one of their major course classes and was completely freaking out over it. They called me up to ask for some assistance on the matter, to which I readily agreed to help. Once my friend arrived to my dorm, I spent the next hour …

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Aug 20

Monday Cry Out – You Are Loved

Dreading the week? Have a lot on your plate? Tough work place? Was the weekend too short or are you already counting the hours to the weekend? Are there too many days for your paycheck to cover? Another week of temptations? Many people feel this way on a Monday. Life is tough for many of …

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Aug 15

Through the Darkness

So, getting married and having children has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, and not just because I have an awesome wife and two great kids (although they are!). My family constantly reveals some of the most basic truths about God, that I’ve always known, but never really grasped or applied to …

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