Mar 01

Top 5 Worst Marketing Techniques

We’ve all seen some of the best ways to get our name out in front of people, but have you ever considered some of the worst ways to do so? I’ve created a short list, using some of my own ideas and creating parodies from this Forbes.com article, to create the “Top 5 Worst Marketing Techniques”. Enjoy!

1. Making them laugh – Unfortunately, they are laughing at you.

2. Cozy up to a celebrity – It might help you get your name out there, but only on a restraining order.

3. Work the press – No, ending up in the legal section of the paper for breaking your restraining order isnot good marketing.

4. Get on the menu – Being eaten? Very little need for marketing afterwards.

5. Drive by marketing – Chunking CDs at random passerby may not gain new fans, but it might get you a few more assault charges.

I hope you got a chuckle out of those and I hope you’ll check back soon as we take the above ideas and show you how the serious side of the technique can actually be beneficial for you. See you next time!



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