Jan 07

The Tuesday Trade – S’ambrosia

This is my attempt at something new: The Tuesday Trade. Simply put, The Tuesday Trade is intended to highlight independent artists making great music. That’s it. The trade comes from where we’re sharing these artists from: Noisetrade.com. Check out any artist on this website and download their work for free. But don’t be stingy. If you like their music, help support them so they’ll be able to create more music by leaving a tip when you download.

The first Tuesday Trade is an artist named S’ambrosia. From Salina, Kansas, she is a missionary in Kenya. The six song album titled “My Name, Your Seal” was produced and engineered by Greg Lafollette and assisted by Mike Ingebretson. Help this amazing independent artist not only create more music, but also in her mission work in Kenya by leaving a tip and sharing her work with others to enjoy.

God bless!