Oct 06

An Update

RandallHello, RockCriesOut fans!! I hope everyone is doing well.

This update is really more of an apology. I feel like I make a lot of those these days with my fans. Probably because I do.

I’m sorry that the site has not been very active lately. I’ve had to push back several articles and interviews I’ve been working on and have regretted doing so. The fans of the site deserve more than that, and I want to do better.

As many of you know, RockCriesOut is one of my ministries that I do to help promote artists and bands and also provide helpful tips, information and devotions for musicians and fans of music alike. Because it is just one of the ministries that I lead or am involved in, it sometimes gets pushed to the side.

I still believe in the ministry of RockCriesOut and how it can benefit musicians and fans alike. Moving forward, look for smaller updates and “blurbs”, as those seem to be the best options for me now with my current work load, ministry obligations and getting the family time my wife and two girls also deserve.

Also, smaller updates and blurbs may be a bigger hit with the community as they’ll be quick reads for many, and not lengthy novelas like I’ve posted in the past. Because of this, articles may be easier or more worthwhile to share with others via social media.

Please know that I will do everything I can to continue to provide quality content for RockCriesOut’s fan base. Moving forward with smaller updates should provide a good foundation to add onto over time. In the time begin, look for a new devotion I am finishing about crops and harvesting, which I have been working on for some time. Enjoy and share the word about RockCriesOut and help our community grow!

~ Randall


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