Jun 16

Weekly Ten – June 16

This week the Weekly Ten features music from the following artists and bands including a little Christmas in June:

  1. 3 Groovin’ Kings – Derek Close
  2. Sleep It Off – Blood and Water
  3. Masters Of The Flattery – Sons
  4. Orion – Ghost Ship
  5. Glorious – SuperNova Remnant
  6. Inception – Red Angel Theory
  7. Firestorm – Etchmark
  8. While You’re Raising the Dead – Over the Ocean
  9. Hail the King – Citizens
  10. Lights – Pioneer

RockCriesOut Weekly 10 – (Click to listen to playlist on Spotify.)

I hope everyone enjoys the mix and please share it with your friends! Spread the love and help RockCriesOut.com grow!



*RockCriesOut does not own, nor claim to own, any of the above works.



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