May 31

What’s Going On?

RCOWell, some of you have probably been wondering what’s going on behind the scenes of RockCriesOut.com. Well, let me tell you. In the past month my paid work has picked up a lot requiring me to travel a lot and work some long hours here at the office. Because of this, I’ve been unable to write articles, create devotionals and conduct interviews like I would like to, and I’m sorry for that.

However, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve worked really hard at rearranging my schedule to allow me more time to not only get more paid work completed and also spend time with my family, but to also devote more time to my dream: this website and the community of artists and fans it serves. Also, during those weeks I have put thought into article ideas and site features that I hope will enhance each user’s experience and also prove beneficial to artists.

Currently I am researching copyright law and how it pertains to artists and music. Be on the lookout in the weeks and months ahead for articles designed to inform and help you in your pursuit of music and how to protect yourself. Other things I am working on are contest ideas, which I hope to begin rolling out soon, however just how soon is still unknown.

Another dream I really want to approach, but seems so daunting right now, is a RockCriesOut concert featuring talent from the bands I follow here. From homegrown talent to indie artists from across the country, it is my dream to bring those artists together under one roof for one epic night of music and hopefully have that replicate itself multiple times throughout the year. I suppose it’s one step at a time and a journey of learning to reach that dream, though, but it’s one I hope to travel some day.

I also have other dreams for the website, such as RockCriesOut.com t-shirts and merchandise, relationships with venues and radio stations and other things I’m not quite ready to divulge yet, but are rather huge in scope. Altogether, I have great things planned and by God’s grace and will I pray they will come to fruition. If they don’t, then obviously I was meant to pursue other events of awesomeness.

I leave each of you with this thought: do not stop pursuing awesome. God gave each of you talents for a reason; don’t bury them in the sand.


Randall Latham


P.S. I am always open to ideas and suggestions for the site. If you have any great ideas please post them below or send an email to randall@rockcriesout.com.Rock On Latte

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